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Had a drip from the kitchen ceiling for a few days, thought it was the shower above needing new sealant. So did it.
Monday evening, still dripping, okay, popped light fitting out to take a gander, oh dear, water everywhere in ceiling cavity. Saw there was a bow in the plasterboard, popped it to relieve pressure, half filled a washing up bowl.
Called Barclays SOS line (as part of my Additions Plus monthly payment) yes sir, problem sir, we will sort it. 10 mins later out of hours engineer calls on the phone, hmmm, seems to be a central leating leak sir, afraid I can't do it, need a specialist team to cut through your ceiling. They will call you in the morning, turn heating off. Okay so far.
Fast forward to Thursday evening, still no engineer! Heated debate with the liars from WarmSure, (saying I had been contacted several times and a further appointment made, lies), eventually regional manager calls back, very sorry sir, engineer on his way, from, wait for it, Wrexham!!! I live in Birmingham!!! Good grief.
He arrives, I have to help him take a small section of sodden ceiling out, health and safety apparently, then he spends 5 mins fixing a tiny spray from a pipe. Job done. Great.
He advices that the ceiling will need to dry out, will be fine.
2 hours later my wife is very narrowly missed by a 2mx2m section of the ceiling collapsing into the kitchen. Brilliant.
An hour of cleaning later and all is normal, apart from a ceiling that looks like it is an extra in a Mad Max film. Grrrr.
Had to call my house insurance on Saturday, hmmm, not sure you are covered sir, the underwriter will be in touch. Its Monday, haven't heard a sound from them. AHHHHHHHH.

Why do I bother paying these premiums???

A letter of complaint has been drafted to the Barclay people, they to be fair were fine, it was the muppets and liars that they had contracted to that are the issue. If no joy I will go to the ombudsman.

Thanks for listening........

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I feel your pain, mate

had similar experiences previously

with some plumbers/boiler engineers the two constants are:

1 - unreliability
2 - unreasonable expense (the only variable to this point is whether you pay too much over many months (i.e. insurance) or in one rapacious payment

when you find a good un, stick with them till they or you die/retire/win the pools
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