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Welcome to AO :)

Congrats on your purchase :thumbs:

Salute, Giordano.

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Hi Dave, a warm welcome from the Lincs Mob !!!

We are quite an active little group here so it would be very nice to see you in the Lincs Lounge and at some of our Meets soon. Lots of these coming up, some great ones coming up over the next few Months.

Our next Lincs Meet is an all day one at the Battle of Britain day at East Kirkby on the 17th Sept, starting with breakfast, day at the show and then evening drinks, a great Meet and the beauty of it is that if you don’t like us you can disappear into the crowd at EK !! Do come along if you can.

Our “ regular “ Meets are usually ( but not always ) on a Thursday evening and are scattered around the County and these are interspersed with our “ special “ Meets throughout Spring, Summer and Autumn. We have a lot of Events coming up again during this year, some of them are just Beer and Chat type things but a lot of very special ones too, we don’t get bored here in the Flatlands. Keep an eye on the Lincs Lounge for full details. Here are some more upcoming Events, there will be others in between these !

Coming up in October is a Meet you really can’t afford to miss, may save you money as well as a having a good day out !

I’m also planning an Evening Pub meet on the 20th October, details tba later.

You might want to add your details on to the “ Names, Locations and Cars “ Thread too, I generally don’t do this unless people “ask “ in there, don’t wish to give away any secrets !

Follow the Links to see what is going on and join in, I can pretty much say that you won't regret it. Apart from myself everyone else in the Lincs Section are very nice people.........

From the Lincs Lounge also follow Links and see what we have been up to in the past, some cracking Meets and some great pictures.

Lincolnshire - Alfa Romeo Forum

Don't forget to look at the " Stickies " right on top of the Lincs Lounge page.


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