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Solid metal (Gold, Silver, Bronze, Brass) caps for 159/939 key

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So my key was in a very bad condition, I decided to model and 3D-print a new cap in solid metal plated in rhodium and rose gold, here is the result:

Everybody can order these 2 metal parts (main part and the button) and install it yourself, or contact me and I will do it for you on your key. The “Plated” material looks amazing when it’s new, but due to the plating nature (a very thin layer of shiny gold or rhodium) it’s getting rubbed off pretty quickly from daily use in the pocket, so it needs to be carried in a soft bag or choose a solid metal material like full silver, polished bronze or polished brass.

Order parts here:
New metal parts for Alfa 159 / Brera / Spider key

Install video:
Key disassembly and assembly video instructions
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