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Are you looking for a new project that won't entirely break the bank or just looking for some useful parts for your true love of your life then look no further!

I'm looking to sell this car as is either for parts (of which I'm sure there are many that are useable and useful) or as a project vehicle. I'm asking AU$1500 or nearest reasonable offer. Vehicle located near Ipswich, QLD, Australia.

So why am I selling her? I don't have the money to bring her back to life in the way she deserves and I have since purchased a new vehicle. She's been sitting inside my dusty garage (apologies for the rubbishy photos, the light was average, the dust was great, and the motivation to clean a car, inside my house, when someone might only want it for parts was pretty low if I'm honest).

A little info:
147 Selespeed, 2.0L Twinspark Petrol Engine
4 door hatch
MY2007 facelift model
c. 135k kms on the clock (more or less, see 'flat battery' point below or I'd be more accurate)

What's not so great about her?:
Currently unregistered
No roadworthy
Old fuel (over 1 year old) in tank and likely in pipes
Flat battery - hasn't been started or moved out of my garage in over a year
Interior door leather is loose but could be fitted tighter for someone that's not me :D
Some interior damage in rear seat well that could be easily fixed up with a new part from the wreckers (it never really bothered me, I didn't drive it from the back!)

Known issues/things that needed addressing prior to being taken off the road (and obviously a lot more re: old fuel point mentioned above)
  • timing mechanism last changed a 75k so would be due again (no obvious tapping or ticking sound from engine but it is technically due for replacement)
  • some exhaust sound coming from the front of the car. I had a mechanic look at it and he assessed it was 'near' the manifold but without taking the car apart (see flat battery point previously mentioned) it was hard to diagnose exact location. Small hole but loud enough to turn heads for the wrong reasons and people knew you were coming ;)
  • was due for a selespeed system recallibration so would definitely need one of those prior to driving again
  • only one key. It's the master key but the remote access doesn't work
What's great about her?:
When she's on the road, she's zippy as they come, and hugged mount coot-tha's downward windy road most impressively
Cream leather interiors
Original (if not slightly fluffy) Alfa Romeo floor mats
Pretty economical on fuel for an older lady

What else should you know:
  • tyres have plenty of tread left on them
  • nosecone and front driver's panel replaced under insurance after a 5km/hr argument with a concrete car park pillar (it won) about 2 years ago
  • selespeed pump replaced with new part about 2 years ago (so has about 20k kms on it)
  • selespeed accumulator replaced with new part about 3 years ago (so has about 30 - 40k kms on it)
  • front driver and passenger window winding mechanisms have been serviced and repaired after a mechanical failure
  • master interior window/door lock replaced with new part about 2 years ago
  • some scuffing on rear passenger side door arch due to a poor patch job by previous owner, should buff out (no seriously, it really should buff out)
  • you will need a trailer and some muscle to collect her. She is unregistered with no roadworthy, is garaged with a flat battery, old fuel, and the road is uphill from the garage. You will not be able to drive her away
Happy to entertain reasonable offers.

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