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When I turn on the A/C fan in the morning (without actual Air Conditioning on). I get a damp / wet / musky smell, no odour. I have read on many other google searches that the issue could be a drain blockage and water is building up in the bottom where it should drain away.

I haven't the foggiest on how to check where the outlet to the A/C drainage pipe is. This morning in 3 degree weather I put the A/C on to actually see if the water would come out the bottom of the car somewhere. I saw none at all, now I can't say for sure due to the cold outside the pipes were not getting enough condensation build up to start dripping water, or there really is a blockage.

Any ideas on what other possibilities it could be or how to find and remove such a blockage would be quite appreciated.

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Get a new pollen filter and a can of forte air conditioning treatment, remove the old filter, fan to max speed and full recirculation, set the can off and close the door.

Sit and watch till it's all finished ( see forte's instructions) ventilate, fit new pollen filter, jobs a goodun.

It's bacteria / mould in the ducts from the condensate.

Needs done about every 2 years.
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