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Hi all,

I'm trying to install a SmartNav unit and touchscreen in my 147, but it doesn't work....
It worked perfectly well in my Astra (connected to the stereo harness) which I removed it from...
I've connected the red wire to the stereo fuse F39 (with a piggy back fuse holder)
I've connected the blue wire to the cigar lighter fuse F44 (with a piggy back fuse holder)
I've connected the black wire to a screw that screws into the chassis behind the glove box.
All I'm getting is the led on the Smartnav control box flashing for a short while, then it goes out.
Switching on the ignition doesn't power on the box or the screen...
I've called SmartNav and they've said it's probably a wiring issue.
I'm reluctant to use 1 of their installers at £100 a go...
Anybody got any ideas?

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