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Last night on my way to a Shell garage I see this black 156 pull into an Engen garage close to my house. So I pull into the Engen and from the growl of that car I knew immediately it was a GTA.

So I hop out of my car walk towards the guy and ask him if he doesnt want to sell it :cheese:

Turns out he has had the black GTA for 4 years now, he stays about 2km's away from me and I have NEVER EVER seen this GTA before.

It is in mint condition.. Oh my word the car is beautiful! He has had the exhaust done, replaced the clutch and cambelt recently and it kicks out the same kW as Brad's GTA. I am in love :inlove:

Turns out he is a member on this forum 156GTAsupreme is his username. As far as I could ascertain he was only active on the GTA threads and never in the SA lounge. Asked him to pop in here..
1 - 4 of 4 Posts