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Hi, wonder if anyone else has had the same problem as me...

Last night, I drove from work to a friends in the dark and the headlights worked fine. A few hours later, I got back in my car to drive home and noticed that there was something very wrong with my lights:

- when I turned them on, the dashboard was on but only my side lights would work at the front so could barely see. However, lights at the back were on full.

- when I turned them off again, the front lights came on but the back lights and the dash went off.

So, I could effectively only have headlights or rear lights on at once. Very dodgy when driving home down dark country roads! If I put my full beam on, then I can have the rear lights on at the same time but that just blinds and annoys everyone.

Obviously, this means that I can't drive in the dark which at this time of year is a little problematic. Just funny how one minute it was all working fine and then a couple of hours later, it had all gone wonky.

Anyone got any ideas?! It's going into the garage on Monday but would be useful to know if anyone can shed any light on it in the meantime (excuse the pun!)

Thanks v much
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