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hello i own a 2.0 Ts 16v.
My car has a k&n air filter .
What am i asking is what slight mods. can i apply to improve performance (a bit more)?

can anybody suggest something as most of you out there seem to know a great deal more then me regarding alfa 155's.

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Hi Ian.
I dependes on how much money you want's to offer.But in the "soft" and "cheap" end of the scale,I would recomend another chip and excuast system.About the chip,the best sulution would be one,there can be "programmed" specially to you'r engine,ex. a Uni-chip.

If you don't do any other mods,don't expect more than 8 to 10 bhp.But the Uni-chip will smooth-up you'r engine's way to drive on,and proberly give you a bit more torque,also at lower rpm's.

I hope this was what you were asking for.If you want more power,you won't come around a set of camshaft's,but that's another story.

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thanks thomas for your advice!

what do you think about a superchip as in malta it is much easier to find.

when you speak about camshafts, 1)what price range are you talking about?
2)what is the performance increase?
3)with different cams. you need to re-tune the whole setup of the car?

regards Ian

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Ian - you are wery welcome.
About the camshaft tuning,it will be much better for you to ask somebody who has tryed it on a 155'er.A good start would be to ask Henry Yorke (no. 10 in the 155 register,there you can find his e-mail adress).I know that he is driving with both a Super-chip and uprated camshaft's.But I guess that you will never miss with a set from Colombo-Bariani.

Or you could start a new topic here under Modifications about camshafts.

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same motor as myself... a 155 2.0 ts 16V widebody.

i think cams begin to get into an expensive price range. a chip and exhaust will do wonders... it'll surprise you how much. i would say try the chip and exhaust first , see what you think then decide what else to look at.


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jason/thomas/or anybody,

when you say an exhaust ,is it just the sports exhaust (tail-end) or to really make a difference you need to remove the cat. & the muffler

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ideally the full exhaust being changed would give the most benifit... manifold, downpipe, remove KAT and all the rest of the pipes. There's a lot of custom stainless steel people who will help you there. If you are in the UK you'll be aware of needing a KAT for the MOT, so that'll have to stay. i don't know about the regulations in differant countries. if you don't need the KAT just replace it with a straight through piece.

Doing the whole thing may be quite pricey though. if you replace everything where there's baffle boxes that should make the biggest differance, and isn't too pricey. The next step would be to replace the manifold.

Just replacing the backbox unit will make a nice noise but not much at all performace. which isn't all that bad! :D


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Or you could be the 1st 155er to experiment with NO2 injection. It is also known as Laughing Gas, mainly because when you plant your foot you will struggle to keep a straight face. It is a cheats way to tune!

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A nice three angle valve seat job might also be worth it. But that is also getting slightly expensive. I don't know if porting will be worth it though (On the 16v that is.)
A few years ago I had an expert do a very neat porting job, with valve seats, 10.9 mm cams etc to my '85 Giulietta (obviously with 2L 8v engine). That made a huge difference. That car still gives the new cars a good hiding now and then!!

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When we're talking exhaust systems you can gain a lot without removing the KAT or KATs. I'm not sure about how the TS is equipped, but on the Q4 the major improvement came from the replacement of the first pipe (manifold to KATs) where the annoying pre-kat lived its boring life.

The cam shafts have been discussed a lot from time to time on the swedish Alfa R page and the wise guys seem to agree about the trouble modified cam shafts sould cause with emission. Either you got a lot of emissions or no idling and low rpm driveability. But otherwise they're nor very expensive. 300 Euro, and I do think it is for a pair.

/A. Möller

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Hi Ian,

just read your post, I would recommend squadra tuning chip as the guy who does them ONLY works on chips for Alfa's I think and has an enviable record with Alfa in the Netherlands.

I would think some of the guy's who live there and have them fitted will be able to tell you far more than me about it but I have spoken to a few via e-mail and it comes across as though he has cult like status with the alfa nutters in holland!

I know 'superchips' are probably the most well known but I know of mixed results with them, Henry appears to have had good results but has a sports cam aswell I think, others have seen decreases in bhp on the rolling road so be careful :confused:

I'll add the site for you to have a look hope the url is ok:
(might interest/help anyone else thinking of going down this route to)!

Good Luck and I hope some dutch members will comment for you :D


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thanks for all the advice,,

i chip tuned it & removed the cat --still no easy flow exhaust though--a normal exhaust is installed

i did a diagnostic test and at 6050rpm it gave me 127kw-- pity the guy doing the test didn't push it to at least 6500rpm, to be sure that the max kw is achieved.

thanks to you all..

p.s. tell me what you think please

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With all this discussion about chips I wanted to ask if anyone had heard of Digital Motors performance chips?

They're a Swiss company by the looks of things. They used to advertise in UK Autocar and they have a website although it doesn't seem to be running at the moment.
I've found they have sponsored some entrant in the Paris to Dakar.

Anyway, the important thing is that while I've seen Superchip and Powerchip and that offer around 15-17hp increases, the Digital Motors one says it'll get 25hp and 20% more torque out of the 155's V6 engine.
Isn't that pretty phenomenal? That's for 3300 French francs too. Anyone have any comments???

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Sorry Ian, i forgot to sy how surprised I was with your figure of 127kW. That's 23hp more than factory isn't it? (110kW). I am very impressed with what you have achieved with these slight modifications.
So can you tell us what chip you actually went with after all.
Plus you say you have a K&N - is that a filtercharger or just a replacement panel filter in the factory airbox???

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hi Justin,

the k&n i am using is not the panel one. it's a cone filter.
i'm trulely impressed with the figure (127kw) myself.
i showed the result to an expert mechanic here in malta & he couldn't believe the figures himself.
probably the best thing to do is to take another test at another garage...just to be sure :confused:



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sorry for previous post, hit return key.

Is the figure of 127kw being quoted from the road wheels or from the flywheel, as I seem to remember the difference is around 20% or so? I would have the same question for the original number from Alfa. Not all car companies and tuners use the same figures, and the bigger number (from the flywheel)
would look better to a customer in both cases. If you got a big boost for small cash - k'ching, nice one, but I remember a friend having problems when he got quotes from different tuning companies of bhp in different formats.

- Anyone got a Q4 they want to trade for a XR2? ;-)

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Hey guys,

That was my brother... <mark - no alfa yet> i've managed to get him to get an alfa too :O)

The mass is being converted...

:D :D :D
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