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Hi there, I have a 2.5, v6 (110,000 Km's) with a few quirks that have just become a little worse and I am looking for a little advice before I take her in.

She has had a groaning noise when turning hard, mainly first thing in the morning getting out of the garage and turning lock to lock on the spot.

The steering has always been excellent and hasn't felt different from day 1 until now. I took her in for a Warrant and they failed it based on "small amount of play on the F/L tyre" the guy said to check with Alfa if it is supposed to be like that, which I intend to do, but I have noticed a small wobble at 105 kph and some odd vagueness on some turns. It comes and goes, and for periods I don't notice it, then it's quite noticeable. The PS fluid is topped up.

I've been reading a bunch of posts on similar problems, with an array of possibilities - wheel bearings, misalignment, steering rack, track rod ends.

Can anyone advice on the most likely issue and whether the 'play' might be connected to the 'groan'

Thanks, any advice is really appreciated.
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