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Having just posted on brake travel issues and master cylinder possible failure I thought my luck was out. Little did I know there was worse to come.
During my attempts to fix the handbrake, and likely generating master cylinder problems, I decided to give the engine a bit of a 'cleanse' in preparation for the MOT. Essentially I reved it highly by operating in too low a gear intermittently on my run.
At the final stage of my test run it began to make a strange slapping/flapping noise and just as I parked up it stalled,(the latter may be completely unrelated, very hardto start but may have been a battery issue).
Whatever has happened definitely came on as a result of the high revving. The flapping/slapping but also slightly metallic noise is not apparent at low revs. It doesn't seem to be apparent in the transition to high revs but comes on when settled at higher revs.
Any ideas?
I have posted this on youtube:
Flapping noise at higher revs - YouTube
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