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Afternoon everyone!

The bearings are starting to whine a bit and the synchro on first is occasionally stubborn on the C635 box I have in my 2.0 JTDm sportwagon. Given some swarf was found in the oil when it was changed at the last service, I suspect the box is heading for a rebuild at some point in the not-too-distant.

When this happens, given the car is currently at 81k miles, it makes sense to do the clutch and DMF while the box is off - but do I want to stick a DMF back in it....?

I know solid flywheel conversion kits are available for the 1.9 and 2.4 diesels - does anyone know of a kit available for the 2.0? Or what combination might work flywheel / clutch wise if I wanted to do something other than fit a new DMF at £shedloads?

Thanks in advance! :thumbup:

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