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Hi all,

I was looking for quite some time for a good Bluetooth module for my Alfa GT and I'm starting this treat to share my findings!

I had some simple requirements:

1. Bluetooth and Maps streaming.
2. Steering controls.
3. Minimal intrusion to the car.

I've found the following module. There's also an option with a Mic, you can conduct phone calls with it, the simple one doesn't put the call sound through the speaker :).

The installation process took no more than a minute, pairing works flawlessly, sound quality is great. You get the tools to pull out the radio and instruction where to hook up the lead :).

I thought people may be looking for such a thing on their cars, I think it's a much better option if you're only looking for Bluetooth streaming rather than installing a WEFA or Yatour box!

I hope this would be useful ^_^
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