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I noticed there are some different types of blinker light mounted on different 155's.

They are all located behind the front wheels, on the side.
There are the old straight ones (models 92-95?).
Then you got a bit organic shape. (On the newer ones 95-later?) Sometimes white instead of orange.
And you got totaly round blinkers. (Like on my car 1995Q4)

My question is:
Is this the right way of keeping these cars apart? Because i lately saw a 155 with the round blinkers but i was unsure it was a q4.
So are there 155's wich AREN'T Q4 but do have round blinkers?

If anybody knows the correct answer i would like to hear it.

Thanks in advance.


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Like yourself, I thought all post 95 cars had the 'organic' shape repeaters but I spotted a 96 wide body V6 yesterday and that had small round side repeaters like you describe. So looks like it is not just a Q4 thing.

My car has clear side repeaters but they are an after market item that I fitted myself. I don't believe Alfa Romeo ever fitted them as standard.


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I noticed the little round ones myself and I'm sure I've seen them on other models than Q4 or V6 but I allways thought it was because of replacing side panels with not original ones, I'm not sure 'bout that

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Hi all,

I have round orangey red side repeaters on my widebody '95 V6.
A car identical to mine (same year)which until recently lived down the road from me, had the same repeaters too.

Ummm, maybe Alfa had decided to use the round repeaters for the facelift but then had a re-think, and decided to use the 'organic' shaped ones late on?
This meaning the round ones are rare.
Clutching at straws really, but it does happen.
Can't believe they'd take all the bother to change the repeaters depending on whether it was a 2.0 16V or a V6, Q4, etc, etc.


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Thanks for the help all. I am now sure the round ones only were used during a short period. (end 1995 probably.) And fitted on any 155 on the production line in that time.

I do like them though. :cool:

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