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I own a 155TS 16v 1.8 1997 and the questions is:

What is the best shock absorber for ALFA155 for daily driving? currenly i'm using MONROE sensatrac (safe-tech)

The performance was "not bad" and now days they are running soft and softer (done about 85,000km from the day i replaced, full mileage is 173000km), i can feel the car tent to roll more during high speed cornering that was never ever happened before. is it caused by the lower arm?...or what... i don't know.. :confused: Please advise...tq

Many users here claim that our tropical situation here could effect life span of the it true? please advise on the absorber that can fit for daily usage and heavy duty.... :rolleyes:

Thanks in advance….
:rolleyes: :confused:

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I think the original Boge Gas shocks is good for daily driving, even fast driving and lasts well. My car has done 84000 km on the original shocks and it still 100%.
If you have lots of money buy Bilstein or Koni.

As far as I know Monroe uses a combination of gas and oil in their pruducts. Gas usually lasts longer than oil. My dad's Merc did about 135000 km on a set of Bilsteins (gas).

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Don't touch the Koni fronts

I bought a pair - lasted 6 months before one side leaked at the top. Koni replaced under guarantee (after a long argument) but I still had to pay re-fitting labour.

Took the car to a well-known Alfa mechanic who sets-up UK AROC racecars and he was astonished how soft they've become after 5k miles of road use - not track use. I know I live in a town full of speed-bumps but this is taking the xxxx

He also said the camber is set wrong - no wonder my car doesn't handle too well (check my earlier post on this subject). He reckons they were made wrong so he's going to have to remove and re-drill now they're out of guarantee

Rear shock are still stiff enough, and are 6 months older. But I'll never touch over-priced Koni again.

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Jason,-I'm sorry you have got "monday-Koni's".This is absolutly not normal for Koni.Brilliant dampers.But I can only agree with you,when it comes to complaint.They sent me once some Koni's to an 75 Turbo,and in two of the boxes,there was no washer's and nut's.My dealer talk to them about it,and quess what : They wanted money for them.But after a discussion over this,they are now sending them to me for free.But what a service,huh :mad: :rolleyes:
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