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well all, the 145 has to go, new job forces change etc etc.

the official ad is here :Alfa Romeo Classifieds - Auctions - Alfa Romeo 145 1.6 TS W reg (2000) - Powered by PhotoPost Classifieds

but here is the full ad - not enough space in the classified bit.....

Hi all,
well, the time has come to let my 145 go :( she has been great fun, and a great daily drive, but what with a change of jobs, and a move over to the dark side (3 series E30 convertible :lol: ) i need to sell her.
so, here goes nothing:

Alfa 145 1.6 TS in Cosmos Blue
108,539 miles
6 former keepers, previous 2 were alfisti
MOT till 13/10/2011, no advisories on last MOT
currently SORN due to stupid new laws about continuous insurance, but was in daily use until a couple of weeks ago.

Good Stuff:

no rust to speak of
15" teledials with 4 x 6 month old Avon ZV3 tyres with LOADS of tread on them (195 50 15)
very very good condition black leather interior, with no tears or rips in it
1 red key, and the master key. remote central locking and alarm work as they should.
frónt lower wishbones, and front shocks replaced about 6 months ago. front shocks are KYB Gas-a-just. standard springs all round
all discs and pads relaitively new. pads are all Pagid, rear discs are pagid, front discs are Red Dot grooved versions.
all electrics work as they should, sunroof works fine.
all interior lighting has been converted to blue LED. this is a royal pain in the 'arris, but looks great :) oh, boot light is still white. will include a load of spare parts to enable you to easily revert to normal green if you wish.
blue leather handbrake and gearstick gaiters
relatively new blue interior floor mats
chrome gearknob, but a bit worn
new blue cone filter (not oiled, and yes, the MAF is fine :lol: )
brand new coolant header tank. (old one was dirty........ )
Stainless steel Longlife exhaust, quite loud, but never bothered me (just the neighbours :lol: no, not too bad, honest)
all the brake calipers were recently overhauled, new seals, sandblasted, and painted blue (apart from one, see bad bits below)
always, repeat, ALWAYS, had the oil checked weekly, and never ever run low.
driver seat adjuster mechanism removed, sits nice and low now, much better :D
the steering wheel is a quite small chavvy type affair, but the boss is a universal one, so it wont take much to change the wheel if you wish :lol:

bad bits:

the front grille is cracked and a bit bodged by the previous owner, but has never bothered me. shouldn't be too hard to fix or find a replacement.
the usual stone chips and carpark dings, but nothing major. it is 11 years old
one of the rear calipers was replaced for a secondhand unit, so isn't blue like the rest.
she is due a cambelt change, have got the belt brand new from alfa dealer, but never got around to it, and was getting the bits together ready.
variator is a bit noisy, but a new genuine dealer variator will be included.
slight weep of coolant from the front coolant rail, but i have a replacement one, just never got around to getting the new gasket and getting it done. she has never run out of coolant over the course of a week, and never overheated.
dent in the roof on the passenger side, should pull easily, but never got around to it. only really noticeable if you know it is there.
some kwik fit monkey has jacked it up on the footwells at some point in its life :rant: and they are a little pushed up, but again, no rust there, and never bothered me.
top mounts on the front shocks are a little rusty, but forgot to paint the dambn things when i did the front suspension, and they were too good to get rid of.
oh, some muppet has done a bit of a poor job trying to overwrap the coolant hoses in blue silicone tape........... yep it was me, but i have poriginal hoses to put back on if you want to :lol:

extra bits:

i have got, quite literally, a shed full of spare parts that i will include in the sale if she goes for a fair price. this includes:

aftermarket mild steel exhaust from cat back
4 junior wheels in OK condition, two reasonable tyres, two worn on the inner edges (hence the new front wishbones.)
another spare space saver wheel
a full good condition black carpet, needs a bit of a clean, but otherwise good
spare stalks in various staes of dismantling in the process of changing the LEDs
spare window switches
spare wingmirror switch
varios wiring plugs, relays, fuses etc
a set of front seatbelts, complete
as mentioned before, variator, cambelt.
spare oil filter
spare rear light units (current ones are DIY smoked)
and loads of other stuff, too much to list it all.

so, there she is, warts and all. i am not looking to get rid of a snotter, this car just needs a tiny bit of loving :) i don't want to sell her really, but what SWMBO says, goes :(
i am not the sort to try and rip anyone off, i love Alfas, and treat my cars accordingly. that said, i now love beemers too :eek:

so, here are the pics:

edit: sorry, because of my silly user name on photobucket, the swearfilter wont link the pics :lol:

i know that i can get at least 700 quid for this if i frag it, and then weigh in the rest, but i would hate to do it :cry:

so, with that in mind she is for sale for 800 quid or very near offercar is located in Shefford, beds.

call me on 07920 754251 for more info or to come and have a look. no timewasters please, i am available most days and nights, but don't want to be messed about.

thanks for taking the time to read this,



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sorry to hear lee

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it has gone to the scrapyard in the sky :cry: oh well, 3 series convertible trailer anyone?? :lol:

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righto peeps, price dropped to AOers to £600. if i haven't had any interest by monday, i will be forced to sacrifice her to fleabay :cry:

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Hi Lee. Please tell how easy is it to lower the drivers seat because i just don't sit right-not like in the Sud anyway cheers.

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as purple says, i just followed the how to on :thumbs: fiddly, but not too bad if you're handy with a spanner :)
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