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Morning all!

I am considering replacing the head unit on my 2013 Mito. I currently have the standard uconnect system, but am looking to fit a new Kenwood system (DAB, Android auto etc etc). It got me to thinking though; obviously I will lose access to the settings menu from the uconnect, and whilst I can live with not being able to change whether the doors lock automatically, daylight running lights etc, it would be useful to be able to set the time every time the clocks change!

I know on the previous pre-uconnect mitos the time was set through the dash menu, but I don't remember seeing that as an option on the newer ones. Can it be done with an OBD2 connector? I did have a quick chat with a car audio installer, but they didn't have an answer to hand.

Any thoughts?

Have posted in blue&me/ICE forum, and have been advised that a proxy alignment after replacing the head unit should restore the settings to the dash display. Has anyone got any experience of this? I found this thread about doing similar in a giulietta: - I presume the process is similar for the mito?
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