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Hey does anybody know where the RPM sensor is..because this morning when I started my car the rpm on my panel wasnt moving any answers??

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This is from a post last June by FASUD55.

"Greetings from rainy Ireland
Like the rest of you my rev counter was very intermittent.this is how i fixed it.Undo the 2 3mm allen nuts that hold in the instrument panel.The cowling and inst panel now slide forward and out.pull it foreward and twist it gently around so that you can see the back of it .You will see a yellow coloured board with about 11 small nuts they are 5.5mm.Very very very gently turn them each a quarter turn.Only the 3 nuts behind the rev are for the rev but you may as well tighten them all.I cant emphasise enough to be carefull the board is very delicate.Be interesting to see if this cures the other cars.Best of luck.
Alan. ".

Hope it helps, haven't gotten around to trying it yet but its qiute a common problem on the 155.

John. wink
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