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I'm gutted but in the wake of an appallingly and unexpectedly large Corporation Tax bill, I am going to have to sell a couple of cars from my stable. (I am listing three (two non-Alfa) and will sell the first two to go, as I don’t want to put myself under pressure on price on any of them.)

Heartbreakingly for me, one of these is my 2004 156 GTA Saloon. It is the GTA just listed in the Alfaowner Classifieds, btw.

It is on the GTA register on this site and also with the Registro Club GTA (No 272). It's done 188,000 miles, but it is extremely well cared for, with only two owners from new, both AOC and Alfaowner members. I’ve owned it since April 2017. It has a comprehensive service history, and a V5 in my name.

This is not a Japanese import but an exceedingly rare UK-spec car of which only 11 were ever originally registered here in the UK.

I have £12.75k in mind, including all the spare items listed below.

Incidentally, for any Maltese or Cypriot (or other Continental) readers, I can move the car easily to my house in North Italy for exchange if that makes the transaction easier. I'm also happy to accept a Euro-denominated bank transfer as I have bills to pay there, too.

Here it is, by Lake Mergozzo, about 40 miles away from its birthplace

Engine bay:

After its coating:

It comes with factory fit 330mm front brakes, Xenon lights, connect nav+ (disconnected and boxed up) and electric sunroof.

Paint is 130 B/B Alfa Rosso with 540 Nero Montecarlo black leather seats.

New Pirelli Sottozero tyres all round last spring (I had to drive back to the UK before the snow tyre season finished for the MOT) - only 2000 miles on them.

It is unmodified from standard except for the addition of a Q2 diff and stainless steel exhaust from the cats back.

The car has been well looked after (by NJS in Pershore under the PO's care, and then by Keith Waite under mine). We have both spent what needs to be spent to keep the car in good condition.


The interior is in excellent condition, with very little sign of use, even on the driver's bolster.

Comes with two working key fobs and the owner's manual/paperwork.

It has a full service history that fills a ring binder. There is too much to detail here, but it includes:

- replacement clutch and cambelt in December 2016 - so only 12,000 largely motorway miles on them since

- replacement Pioneer DAB/Bluetooth radio/CD player professionally plumbed in to the Bose

system by Sound Gurus in North London in Summer 2017. (Original unit working but with faulty pixels on nav screen, in a box and capable of being refitted)

- new DAB shark fin antenna installed by Sound Gurus in Summer 2017

- new battery in July 2018

- both front wings replaced due to corrosion, not damage

- the oil change interval nominally is 12,000 miles or every year, but the oil has always been changed at 6,000 miles and both owners have used the recommended Selenia ‘Racing’ 10W/60 oil

- replaced windscreen wipers with more effective versions (but have retained original stalks in case the new owner wishes to revert to OEM)

- genuine Alfa 156 rubber bootliner

Garaged since new and never used for track days.

I protected the paint with AirGlide surface protectant in June 2017.

Points to watch

It is a 2004 Italian car, so there are a few little gremlins in the electrics (odd airbag lights illuminating - a well-known niggle etc) but nothing major. The PO removed the (frankly useless) reversing sensors but I still have them in case the new owner wished to reinstall them.

The Selespeed has been fully tested recently and functions strongly in both manual and City mode. It is sensitive to battery strength and the battery replacement in the Summer has "firmed up" the throttle response. It is blisteringly quick shifting on kick down.

There are areas of the bonnet and front splitter which have touched-in stone chips/gravel rash but these are not very noticeable and I had been intending to deal with them myself this winter. The black trim needs tidying and the driver's wing mirror trim is poor (however, per below, I have three spare mirrors and a respray of one of them and refit will cure that problem).

Included spares

The car also comes with a large and valuable stash of spares which I will throw in if I get the asking price:

- Supersprint catback
- Scorpion decat,
- Downpipes - (the flexies were ok before removal, which is good as the current ones were the subject of an MOT advisory)
- Manifold cats
- A brand new AP suspension set for the GTA, both dampers and springs.
- A front cross bar (the piece to which the VIN plate is attached) in the right red paint as the original is not as nice as it could be, but I haven't got round to de-riveting the VIN plate and Registro plaque to refit them.

I think I may also have another spare set of dampers and springs at my son's flat (which I recall the PO had fitted to the car in December 2016)

I also have an unopened boxed set of the GTA rear suspension overhaul kit from the Autolusso group buy here on Alfaowner:

- Pair of trailing arms (1 x left, 1 x right)
- Pair of front transverse arms (these are GTA specific with uprated bushes)
- Pair of rear transverse arms
- Pair of hub bushes

All genuine Alfa parts (around £400 for the kit but I think these are no longer available now and no ETA on backorder).

Other bits include (but some are at my place in Italy and I'd need to bring them back after my next visit in a week or so’s time):

- Unused spacesaver for 156 (in car)
- Unused toolkit in tray fits on top of space saver for 156 (in car)
- 3 x Metallic black 156 electric door mirrors. 1 x passenger side, 2 x drivers side. - - Good condition and electrics work properly (Italy).
- 20 x unused nickel plated 156 wheel bolts (Italy).
- 1 x V6 CF3 plenum chamber. Off a 3.2 but the same as 3.0 and 2.5. Fits GTA but does not have the 'GTA' letters cast on. Just says V6 24v. Excellent condition. (UK)
- Autodelta carbon fibre intake pipe, replaces the standard one with the resonators on 147/156 GTA (Italy)
- Standard intake pipe and elbow for V6 CF3. Came off a 3.2 Spider and in excellent condition.
- 1 x New unused GTA teledial wheel, 7.5 x 17 (UK).
- 2 x sets of locking wheel bolts off 156 (Italy).
- 4 x 5mm five hole wheel spacers (Italy).
- 2 x big brake upgrade mounting brackets in billet alloy. Unused (for 156) - Italy.

Please pm me if interested. I'm hoping to get a sunny day to take some comprehensive photos to post here.

MOT expires 6 March 2019.

The car is available for viewing in Hampstead/Chalk Farm, London by arrangement.

I'm not really interested in part exchange with one possible exception: I would consider trading the car for an older good condition Alpina B3 (manual or Switchtronic) with a cash adjustment my way.


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Good luck with the sale and I salute your choice of cars sir! I came from an Alpina D3 Touring and did wonder what I had done at first as the Alpina is such an accomplished handling car. Different to drive but the GTA is very rewarding in different ways. A B3 will be be splendid too I'm sure.
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