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Hi all!!!

I'm new to this site so any help or comments would be appreciated. I have an 02 147 selespeed 2 litre and when driving in the rain yesterday it came up with selespeed system failure and another motor control system failure error. It stopped changing up and down through the gears other than letting me use first and second gear. It also became more jerky when pulling off, like a learner driver on the clutch. Lastly, even when I drove home in second gear, it would rev (slower than normal) to 4500rpm and then it would almost be like it was limited. When the errors came up, I was driving at about 30mph and the roads were EXTREMELY wet, so my boyfriend suggested there have been some water spray into a sensor or something and to try it again the next day.

Anyway, he tried it for me today and the error is still coming up, but he noticed that if he turned off all the electrics (radio, heating, lights, etc), you could start the car and change through the gears without any problems until you try to brake with pressure in 3rd gear or higher, then you cant change above second again. Also, the motor control error was still coming up the whole time. He thought considering the differences experienced depending on what electrics are running, that it may be battery related and left the battery on charge for 2 hours, but when he tried it an hour ago, it was still happening.

Is there anything I or my boyfriend can try to try and fix this ourselves as we've already nearly been conned by a dealership with a previous problem with a selespeed error 6 months ago.

Sorry for the post being so long, but I thought the more information, the better. I really love my Alfa, but its really starting to upset me!!

Thanks in advance,
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