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Selespeed juddering

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Could someone please help!
I have just purchased a 2003 147 selespeed 2.0ts. I am having problems with 1st and reverse gear juddering badly the rest of the gears work fine. This happens with a hot or cold engine I can hear the pump running for approx ten seconds when I open the door and then again at regular intervals
Would replacing the seals on the ev valves cure this ?
Thanks paul
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Just to update
I have had the car on a mates snap on diagnostics and it has come up with the following codes
P0725 engine speed signal
P1743 clutch sensor circuit
P1742 selection sensor circuit
Please could someone tell me if any of the above could be the cause of the juddering in 1st and reverse gear . And if so what parts do I require to repair
Many thanks paul

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it is fixed yipeeeeeee

The problem was the actuator that controls the clutch arm it wasnt engaging fully
and the clutch arm was just bouncing back and forth causing the low gear judderss
I fitted a throttle position sensor from a pug 106 (£7 from ebay)
They are exactly the same as the original partand are readly available from breaker yards etc
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