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Selespeed issue

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Hello everyone,

I'm Nicolas from France and I joined the club of selespeed victims... I can't find any solution, or idea, in french communities so I'm trying here.

Here's the issue :
I have a GT selespeed from 2007. I had to replace the accumulator a year ago as I could only use 1st & 2nd gear. Everything was going well and after a while I had some other issues. After a few gear changes, pressure was dropping and the pump didn't start to get it right. I broke the bleeding screw trying to tight it up too strong, so the car didn't move for like 3 weeks. I replaced that screw and now I can't start the engine.

I checked with MES and the problem is the pressure that remains at 0.0000... the pump keeps running with no result. Then I replaced the pump but the problem isn't solved at all. Still 0 pressure in the actuator. And it's not the pressure sensor as when I unscrew the bleeding screw I have obviously no pressure (plus the oil level in the tank is not really going down).

It's like the entire circuit is always open and I don't understand why.

Pump relay is new, brake sensor is new. There's no air in the system.

Thank you if you have any lead. I hope it's all clear.
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