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Selespeed issue

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Hello everyone,

I'm Nicolas from France and I joined the club of selespeed victims... I can't find any solution, or idea, in french communities so I'm trying here.

Here's the issue :
I have a GT selespeed from 2007. I had to replace the accumulator a year ago as I could only use 1st & 2nd gear. Everything was going well and after a while I had some other issues. After a few gear changes, pressure was dropping and the pump didn't start to get it right. I broke the bleeding screw trying to tight it up too strong, so the car didn't move for like 3 weeks. I replaced that screw and now I can't start the engine.

I checked with MES and the problem is the pressure that remains at 0.0000... the pump keeps running with no result. Then I replaced the pump but the problem isn't solved at all. Still 0 pressure in the actuator. And it's not the pressure sensor as when I unscrew the bleeding screw I have obviously no pressure (plus the oil level in the tank is not really going down).

It's like the entire circuit is always open and I don't understand why.

Pump relay is new, brake sensor is new. There's no air in the system.

Thank you if you have any lead. I hope it's all clear.
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Before you go any further may I suggest the following -

1/ Leave the car overnight with the hood up, this is to allow the system to depressurise and dump most of the fluid back into the reservoir. Do not open drivers door or put key in
the ignition till the next step the following morning.

2/ Take the cap off the Selespeed reservoir - it should be a good amount ABOVE the max mark, if not fill it it so that it is close to the bottom of the neck of the filler tube

3/ Open the drivers door, the pump should run for a few seconds, wait till it stops. Place the key in the ignition and turn to MAR, the pump should run again for a few more
seconds, wait till it stops. Now check the level in the Reservoir, it should have dropped significantly and now be close to the maximum mark on the Selespeed reservoir dipstick.
If it hasn't dropped then the issue is that the pump motor may be running but the pump section itself is not pumping any fluid.

When you say you replaced the selespeed pump did you replace it with a brand new one of one from a wreckers?

Do this before anything else and get back to me.
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Sure the pressure sensor is plugged in?

Check that none of the wires to it have broken.
But he says when he removes the bleed screw and activates the pump it pumps out large amounts of fluid, so the pump is obviously pumping fluid.
I did everything you said.
Fluid level dropped to the max mark, but the pump keeps running and the pressure measured on MES is still 0.000 bar.
The pump is brand new, Magnetti Marelli.
Well the pump is obviously working to some degree, otherwise the fluid level wouldn't drop, however I can't understand how the pump draws fluid initially and then keeps running. To do so it would have to be pumping fluid in one end of the Actuator and then running straight back out again, bypassing the accumulator? :unsure:

Without being there to asses the situation there is not much more advice I could give.
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