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Need to fix car mum (Lancia delta 844), she got trouble with selespeed gearbox.
Everything worked well, but the DOT4 liquid jar emptied itself ... result: air in the clutch bearing, error ...
To solve, filling the jar, purging with computer and everything works.
I dismantled the robot to understand where the leak is coming from, it comes from the master cylinder, two seals inside the piston, one purple and one black, they are damaged (disease).
I replaced both seals, but my master cylinder is not working deep enough. The sensor on it when I make it work manually, value '19mm' at rest, '2mm' fully.
When I put the sensor back on the vehicle and look at the value in operation, I get 19mm when stopped and only 10mm when operating.

On my picture,
X: Move Right to Left,
During the purge with examiner, it works, but only advances 1 cm maximum, it's not far enough for the 'low pressure' side of the oil to come out and make the clutch release bearing work.

when I remove the master cylinder from the car, I can make to move by hand by pushing the piston.

maybe still air in the high pressure? I depressurize several times, then run the pump and full purge.

Someone have idea?

thank you


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