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Hello Everyone,
So I am very new here and this is my first post.
My wife purchased an 04 2.0 147 selespeed about 3 weeks ago. She fell in love with the car the minute she saw it and thinks it's a phenomenal drive.
So it had a few issues which we have so far ironed out.
Issue 1 - kept blowing sidelights, both have been replaced and no more problems
Issue 2 - Selespeed failure when selecting reverse, seems to have been remedied by changing both sidelight bulbs
Issue 3 - passenger seat adjuster not attached so seat unmovable. Fixed by removing the seat, reattaching bar and closing up bent tabs
That just leaves me with issue 4 - the oil leak.
There is an oil leak coming from gearbox side, I have followed the oil leak from the ground up and traced it back to the actiator. Just above the switch? I have taken a photo and it appears that there is a rather bizarre possible fix of a blob of silicon sealant being placed in a hole. I have tried to attach the image. Should it be there or should there be a blank or bleed valve or something other than silicone seal?


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