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Apart from the bunny hopping, my car developed a new symptom today. As I was driving uphills, the Selespeed buzzer and in-dash indicator came on. Running on 5th gear, I tried to kick the gear down to come to a stop. However, 4th didn't engage and it jumped to N.
I parked on the side of the road to start pondering what the deal is - I turned the engine off. I kinda hoped that by turning it off and on again, the fault would magically clear. The car wouldn't turn on. Tried changing gears on MAR, then kicked it back into N. The car started back up as if nothing ever happened - well, not exactly, as it intermittently switches to N while driving every now and then.
I rang my mechanic, he has a few used actuators that he stripped down from scrap cars he imports from Europe. He charges $400 USD including labor and a two-month warranty for a used actuator.

What do you guys think?
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