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a few months ago I've bought a used MultiAir non-turbo MiTo with 78k km on the clock. The previous owner used Castrol 5W-30 oil in it. After buying the car and visiting my local mechanic he change the oil etc. and again used Castrol EGDE 5W-30 Long Life as that's what was written on the labels. Now this was before I started reading more about the details of this car and the MultiAir engine (and its problems) but after I've put almost another 10k to it and used it as my daily.
I've since called the official dealership and they told me that I can leave this oil in since I want to change every 10k km anyway but that it would be better to put 5W-40 Selenia StAR P.E. as prescribed in the manual during the next change. Which sounded ok to me. But after reading the I found out that they no longer make StAR oil (it's listed as previous generation)? And that instead they now offer a Selenia Abarth oil? Which mentiones the MultiAir in the product description?
And since all MultiAir engines should be the same (except some minor differences) then the best way to look after the car is to use the correct Abarth oil. Am I right?
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