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Gentlefolk of AlfaOwner,

While retrieving some bags behind the drivers seat I had the misfortune to discover my electric seats stuck in the fully forward position after automatically sliding forward as a result of using the seat release handle near the headrest.
Despite repeated attempts manipulating the seat release handle and trying every combination of memory presets and adjustment using the switches, the seat will not budge and is practically un-driveable. I'm slumming it in our Fiat Ulysse at the moment while I troubleshoot. After some research here, I suspect a Fuse may be the culprit, possibly Fuse F60 or F56. However when searching in the trunk/boot the panel marked "FUSE" is completely empty, and it's twin on the passenger side is empty as well. No visible wires or indication that a fusebox was ever mounted here. As you can see from my attached pictures, I pulled back the trim pieces to see if anything had fallen down behind the panel, but find nothing but empty space and the seatbelt reel for the backseats.

I see in this thread
a similar situation happened with a member here, and was wondering if this is a common thing in 159s as well as Breras. I believe my model year is 2006, but may in fact be an early build from 2005 based on some VIN decoding.
I have heated seats as well, and they've never worked in the time I've had the car, although the backlight in the seat heater indicator is functional. As such, I'm thinking there's a fuse panel somewhere, but am at a loss as where it could possibly be.

Anyone have any ideas as to an alternate location?
Alternatively, is there a manual override to slide the seat back so I can actually enjoy my commute to work again? I'm concerned if i have to pull the seat out I may not be able to access the screws with the seat fully forward as it is.

Thank you for your time! This place is a great source of knowledge!


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