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It's always a pleasure to be able to report good service for the benefit of other owners.

I've just got back from having a 36k Service at SDR Auto's Cousley Wood - excellant service from this Alfa Specialist. The staff were very friendly, efficient and knowledgeable and the £180 was not only exactly what they quoted me, but was also extremely good value compared to the £505 an Alfa Dealer wanted for the same work. They use Alfa parts and Selenia oil; so the car's had the same benefits it would have had from a Main Dealer. They also have the equiptment to reset the Oil and Service Indicators.

The good news for me is that they found nothing untoward with the car, and it feels much taughter, quieter and more responsive now.

So for any of you in the Kent/East Sussex area, I would thoroughly recommend them - 10 out of 10. I know the guys there surf this site, although I don't think they subscribe; so thanks very much from a very satisfied customer. :)
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