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Scuffs on internal door panel

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Can anyone suggest the best way to remove scuff marks from an internal door panel without damaging the surface. We've only had the car a month and it's annoying the hell out of me. The scuffs have been caused by someone getting out of the vehicle and catching their shoe against the panel. I have tried just using a damp microfibre cloth but it's having no effect.
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Use one of those dish-washing sponges with the green scourer on one side and regular sponge on the other.. an old one is less harsh than a new one but remove the bits of fried egg that always stick to it first.. :D

Ralf S.

Is the scuff something that's been transfered onto the panel or
where the surface has been damaged/taken off.

If the finish has been taken off, then I used the Gliptone scuffmaster
leather repair kit on the Brera doortrim to great effect.

If it's transfer then I used CD lens cleaner and a soft cloth on the 147 matt finish
dash which worked quite well.

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