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Hi, I hope someone could give me some guidence before I end up at the local garage to get ripped off.

I have a 155 2.0L TS 8V. the problem is when I have the wipers on intermitant they stop working after a few minutes, if I turn them off and back on again they work and the problem starts again. However on the max setting there is no problem they work fine.
What I have noticed is that when the wipers are on they seem to stutter at the end of their stroke.
Ive checked all fuses and relays, ive also checked that the arms are tight on the driver shafts.

Could the motor be on the way out?

Any help/comments would be great.

Thanx :)

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Hi Mattie, this problem has been dealt with several times. If you go back to the Forum of 21.03.2001 you find "The old saga of wipers" with a description of a DIY repair.
Good luck - it sounds more complicated than it really is.
Alfisti regards

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Hi Erik,
Found the topic, it seems exactly the same problem Ive being having.
I,ll give it ago and see if the fix works.

Thanks for your help Erik :D
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