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The Scottish Section of the Alfa Romeo Owners Club has organised Scottish Italian Car Day for 20 years and for many it has come to be regarded as a high point of the Section’s year.
Over this time, the hard work of a fairly small group of volunteers has developed the event from a relatively informal meeting (in a field!) for a select group of Alfisti into a rather more grand affair for the wider Italian car owning community in Scotland. The event is traditionally held on the Sunday immediately prior to spring bank holiday Monday and various locations have been visited. We have enjoyed the hospitality offered by such venues as Falkland Palace, Craigtoun Country Park, Hill of Tarvit and most recently, Cairnie Fruit Farm.

Like many similar car shows, SICD has not been without its difficulties and the old saying that you cannot please all of the people all of the time certainly holds true. Difficulties with access, amenities, cost, shortage of volunteers and of course weather have all had an impact and in a few cases this has brought out the worst in some elements of the classic car owning community.
So in 2017 the feeling is that SICD has certainly developed beyond its initial remit but there is also a view that it doesn’t meet the expectations of many of those who take the time to attend. It must be said that some of these expectations are unreasonably high as they are driven by comparisons with events delivered by other, much larger, car clubs. The Section has certainly attempted to cater for changing tastes – the entertainment of those who are not particularly interested in the cars is certainly far more important than it used to be – but there is a limit to what we can provide.
In conclusion, the Section accepts that the format of SICD has become a little dated and perhaps a touch “stale” so in order to give ourselves an opportunity to review and assess the overall situation, the recent AGM decided to give the event a rest and we will not be holding Scottish Italian Car Day in 2017.

It has to be said that there was very little appetite within the Section to hold the event this year but there will undoubtedly be some who are disappointed by this decision. We are hopeful that SICD will return in some form in the near future but in the meantime we will be endeavouring to increase the Club’s presence at other Scottish car shows and we encourage members to join in and take an active role in promoting and enjoying their Alfa Romeos throughout the year.
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