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When i bought my 156 and subsequently the 159, my eldest brother mocked me for buying notibly unreliable cars..something along the lines of "why have you got that, it'll end in tears you know?"

As it turned out, the 156 did end up costing a fair bit, before i part-ex'd it last month, but i believe the issues it had were partly down to myself not maintaining it when i should have done (especially not replacing the radiator sooner). On the other-hand though, the 159 has hardly missed a beat over the 11 months I've had it - sure it has minor niggles such as the outside temp monitor being out and the tension on the drivers wiper being a bit low, but otherwise it's been the most reliable car I've had to date.

So, yesterday, whilst on the phone to my dad, i discovered that my eldest brother's car had gone into the garage to have a blown turbo replaced, at a cost of £2k+. The car in question is a [more reliable, allegedly] BMW 3 Series Touring on an 09 plate.

I'm not laughing at his misfortune, but if anything should happen to my car, that ends up costing a small fortune, then at least i'll have some ammunition if he ever pipes up about the reliability of Alfa.
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It's funny isn't it how so many people are so quick to criticise Alfa's for their 'reliability' issues. So we say "Have you ever owned an Alfa?" and they say no. An acquaintance saw me leaving work in my 147 and commented that it was a 'skip'. I drove away un-phased by this remark. Ironically a few days after, my skip didn't collapse in a pool of it's own misery as his Vauxhall did. Just to clarify, I have nothing against Vauxhalls. But I did find myself in smug mode for a few days after whenever I saw him. It's great when stuff falls into place like that. After all I suppose any poorly maintained car is doomed to be an unreliable car.

So when your brother mocks you for buying an 'unreliable' Alfa 159 you can say "Sorry, which one of us blew £2000 on a new turbo?" Plus, the 159 is far prettier than any BMW offering I've seen lately. :)
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