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Hi Guys,thought you might want to know about my Saturday.
H,mm help my Partner out today!Thought this was a noble thing to do,-drive my car she says its acting funny these narrow tyres you swapped for the standard ones are making the car act strange.I know I said the car is set up for the 185/60`s you will just have to put up with it!
But oh no this was worse both bottom arms seam to be putting the car all over the place,cheap Fords I say I only replaced one side in the early Autumn.
What better excuse than to turn around and go back for the Alfa,-not!Went 5miles and the throttle starts sticking at any revs,nightmare!!
Coaxed the car back thro town and back Home to discover that the plastic mechanism on the Bulkhead that pulles the cable was seizing up,as I was not using the car much in the salty weather the mechanism decided to stick,however the said throttle now works again.Basically if anyone gets thistrouble remove the plastic cover at the end of the cable and pray copious amounts of lubricating fluid into the area at the same time loosen off the bolt that goes thro` the plastic puller and work the throttle back and forward.Then tigten gently again ,I know this info might seem a bit obvious but if anyone gets a hint their throttle might be sticking then they will expect it to get worse before it gets better if untreated. :eek:
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