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About a week ago, after driving off from my garage, my 1999 156 Selespeed was misbehaving. As I kept on driving, the car suddenly came to a jolting halt with a stalled engine. I started the car again and kept on driving, but it seemed as if the clutch was slipping every time there was a gear change. The car would rev up for a second or two until the gears engaged again, after which it was OK, until the next gear change. All that is my interpretation, anyway.

And so it was until I reached my destination, at which time I looked under the hood, without any specific objective. All I found is that the little tube that should be connected to the Selespeed "bottle", wasn't. The fluid level was at Max, so I connected the tube and went on my way.

The car has been fine since.

The information I find here is that this tube shouldn't have any effect, other that possible oil leaks. So does anyone have any guesses as to the cause of what I describe?

Thanks for any input.
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