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I have an interesting (infuriating) problem with my sat nav/phone/automatic time.
Approx. every 3 minutes the ICS screen goes blank and I get the following:
"bootsektor 5.25AR
Loade Loader"
underneath this message a green bar gradually builds from left to right (takes about a minute)

"loader 5.23 AR
load telefon update......"

"loader 5.23NVAR
loade telephon version 4.2"

The whole sar nav system then works (but the phone and time do not). This runs OK for a couple of minutes then the cycle starts again.

If I remove the sat nav CD I just have no sat nav/phone/correct time, however the software is not trying to continually upload.

Its driving me nuts!!! I suspect the ICS sat nav head end may have a corruption that is preventing the sat nan box in the boot from uploading correctly. I imagine the aerial is OK as I can see 4 satellites during the brief period that the maps are working.

Additionally I have on the clima+dark screen " Ph-sw=?"

All you Alfa techies:
Help................:confused: :cry:
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