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I read about this via a friend on Facebook and thought I'm gonna do this and help out a little.

We spend so much money on cars, electronics and other toys, but I'm going give up some cash and some of my time to help some people this Christmas. It might not be life changing or seem like much to us, but too someone else its something!

Santa Shoebox

Find an empty shoebox
We all have shoe boxes around the house or know someone who will kindly give us one. Shoe stores usually have empty boxes to give away. Boxes larger than MEDIUM (running shoes) size might not be accepted.

Decorate the shoebox
Wrap the shoe box but please wrap the lid separately so that it can be lifted off. Be creative and instead of using conventional wrapping paper, decorate the box with drawings, paint, cut outs and stickers. By doing this, you are creating a unique “keep sake” box while at the same time, minimizing waste from wrapping paper that will only just need to be discarded.

Fill the box with gifts
Please remember that these should be NEW and AGE-APPROPRIATE items.

The following items are required:
- Toothpaste and tooth brush
- Bar of soap and wash cloth
- An outfit of clothing
- Educational supplies
- Sweets
- A toy

Gift ideas for your shoebox
All items should be new and age-appropriate.
TOYS - Something to love
Soft toy, tennis ball, finger puppet, yo-yo, building blocks, trucks and cars, doll, dress-up clothes etc.
Felt pens, pens, pencil sharpener, rubber, coloring book, notepad, picture/puzzle book, pencil case, stickers etc.
HYGIENE ITEMS - Something to use
Toothbrush & toothpaste, bar of wrapped soap & wash cloth, hairbrush, comb, hair clips, roll-on deodorant, talcum powder etc.
CLOTHING ITEMS - Something to wear
T-shirt, shorts, dress, pyjamas, etc. (Consider an added extra too like gloves, scarf, sunglasses, cap, hat, bangles, necklaces, clip-on earrings, make-up or hair accessories etc.)
SUGAR AND SPICE - Something to eat
Sweets (Sell-by date to be at least March of the following year – preferably softer sweets – wine gums, sours etc.)
BABY BOX - Something for the youngest
Barrier cream/talcum powder, baby soap, item of clothing, bath towel/baby blanket, soft toy, toy/rattle.
TEENAGE BOX - Something for our teenagers
All of the above plus something cool e.g. cap, sunglasses, toiletries, nail polish, make-up etc

But don't include the following
Please DO NOT include any of the following in your boxes for obvious reasons:
- FOOD: Chocolate, crisps, tinned food, cakes, perishable food
- MEDICINE: Medicines or vitamins of any kind
- WAR RELATED ITEMS: Toy guns, soldiers or knives
- FRAGILE ITEMS: Glass containers, mirrors
- LIQUIDS: Of any kind, including blow bubbles, shampoo, bubble bath or aerosols
- DANGEROUS ITEMS: Such as marbles or sharp objects
- ELECTRONICS: Cell phones or battery operated toys
- LASTLY: Anything of a political or racial nature


Some final thoughts
- Do not wrap any items individually.
- Label your box by printing the filled in labels that have been emailed to you after you registered and sticking these on the outside of the lid, top right hand corner. Add sticky tape to ensure the label is secure
- Close the box by securing the lid with an elastic band, and DO NOT seal the box as boxes are spot checked to ensure it meets all requirements

And lastly the fine print
All gifts should be new and comply with the conditions listed above.

Please make sure your gifts are age-appropriate and that you do not send any items which might be swallowed or mistaken for sweets. Should you inadvertently include any item that is not suitable, or might be regarded as dangerous for the intended child, Kidz2Kidz reserves the right to remove that item and use it for the benefit of the charity.

For now I want to try make about 10 or so boxes myself:) and then see how it goes I've already signed up and chose ten names

So come on alfisti what do you say???? Frost, HG--> Maybe you can see if the Arcsa guys are keen?

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WE are already doing this in our office at work. its unbeleavable how many people have caught onto this

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ARCOP helps to support a Children Home through-out the year. On occasion took some of them out on a run and even had a some on a lap around Z.

Are also involved in a similar initiative through a Church group.

There are great need in our beautiful country.

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ARCOP helps to support a Children Home through-out the year. On occasion took some of them out on a run and even had a some on a lap around Z.

Are also involved in a similar initiative through a Church group.

There are great need in our beautiful country.
If you want donations shout! Ill gladly help out even though I am not part of ARCOP! :thumbs:

We have something similar to the shoe box thing at work, called a Social Responsibility Drive (SRD) in which staff members are requested to donate cloths, toys, cash etc.. To date the total weight of items collected amounts to :

Baby/Children"s clothing - 50,6 kg
Baby goods - 1,4 kg
Baby/children"s footwear - 3,1 kg
Other clothing - 96,2 kg
Footwear - 9,2 kg
Non perishable food items - 1,7 kg
Toys - 3,5 kg

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Me and the wife also did ours last night..... my wife's company also supports the drive, they donated something like 10 000 Pampers nappies, and a load of cash
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