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Hi all,

I would like to introduce myself since I'm new here. My name is Ali and I am 35 years old and I live in the Netherlands. I am already a member of the Dutch alfaforum but I thought it be nice to also become a member of the alfaowner forum to expand my knowledge about this beautiful brand. My first encounter/experience with Alfa Romeo was in 2008 when I leased an Alfa 159 petrol (1.8 due to the fact that the 159 was very expensive for leasing regarding the monthly costs) during my time at my previous employer. Before I ordered the 159, I mainly have driven VW cars. The reason why I choose the 159 was for it's drop dead gorgeous looks to be honest :biglaugh: and the 'sporty' character/handling. When I told family/friends/colleagues about my choice, they warned me and came with the well known prejudices about Alfa. But I didn't care and eventually got my hands on the keys of the 159...

I have driven that 159 for 4 years with a smile on my face every single day. To be honest, it hurt a little bit in 2012 when I was forced to return it. I never actually OWNED the car but still I was attached to it in some sort of way and it felt like I was driving around in something special. It’s a feeling which is difficult to explain until you take place in such a bella macchina. I never had trouble with that car and the only attention I gave to the car was the necessary maintenance each year. It wasn't a very fast car but oh me oh my it was a good looking one. It wasn't only beautiful on the outside but also the interior was a piece of art. Also the driving experience was excellent. From that moment on I understood everything about Jeremy’s statement about petrolheads. From 2012 onwards it was back to VW again. I knew that one day if I would buy a car from my own money, it would be a 159…

Since end 2014 I switched jobs and my new boss didn’t offer carleasing. Nevertheless I was quite happy about that haha because it meant that I could buy a car of my own and the boss would financially compensate the business kilometres of each day driving to the office and back. So here I am together with a 159 2.0 JTDM 170 BHP TI from August 2009! I love the saloon version more than the sportwagon but that is a matter of taste. I really love the original TI trim which consists of a sporty interior, 19 inch TI wheels, TI sideskirts and brembo brakes. I also went to a professional tuner (Savali) to give the engine 200 BHP and 430 NM torque. Finally I upgraded the original wheels by giving them a two tone paint job, installed a 5300K xenon set and I installed a stainless steel twin exhaust system. And again: driving around every day with a big grin on my face!




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