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S4 Spider wiper motor change?

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Given my car is stripped of the scuttle, I'm considering putting a new wiper motor in.

The symptoms are in intermittent, they work very slowly, especially on the return to park stroke.

On speed, they are more or less fine. Any suggestions please:thumbs:

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mine are much the same, intermittant can be slow, then other times work well....if I lever the wipers off the screen it works away happily (it would I guess, but not much use!)

Some people have had success by applying a direct ground wire...........I am not sure how the motor grounds, tbh, whether through a direct ground wire or the motor mounting bolts themselves...BB mentions grounding through the mounting bolts, but that was a post about earlier spider wiper motors.....maybe hold a direct ground wire to the motor and see if it speeds up?.......:)

A lot of the cause of slow wipers is however in the linkage, the grease hardens....When I had my cowl off, I managed to get a bit more speed out of them by cleaning the visible linkage joints (whilst the motor is working, no arms attached) with brake cleaner spray, then spraying on some light spray grease and letting them work away for a good few minutes.......the better way would be to dismantle all the linkages and thoroughly clean and grease them....but my way certainly helped a little.

Following are 2 photos, the first, one with the plastic covering (original alfa part is 60504280) he mentions Bosch 0390246145, used presently for sale on ebay italy - and the other from a vendor in japan selling a bosch equivalent (Bosch 0390246131)................maybe both bosch numbers are correct, they certainly look the same (apart from the clip off cover)

Oh and if you remove it, take some photos of how (that would interest me) and disconnect the battery first, as the wires underneath are not sheathed.

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