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So, finally got round to servicing the 159 and thought I'd check on the condition of the front sub frame as highlighted in other threads on this forum.

This is not a thread about subframes (there are many of them!) but whilst we're on the subject... I cleaned up my subframe, some rust, nothing to worry about but I painted it in Hammerite and think it'll last a few more years. This probably isn't something BMW, Merc or even Skoda drivers have to get up too at the weekend!

BUT, I have found plenty of rust on the rear suspension, the main mounting frame in the middle of the car which the rest of the suspension is mounted to. Again, nothing serious but it looks like all that type of metal under the car is prone to rust.

AND, I found rust on the front inner wings behind the strut where there is a seam in the metal which was welded when the car was built. I can sort understand the rust on the subframe etc. but on parts of the car that have been painted is not good. The car's only just 5 years old so I can't see these 159 making old bones somehow.

Are all Alfa's prone to rust, I thought those days were over...
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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