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Hello Guys,

Just sharing the upgrade project for our 4C ;)

We've upgraded 4C with RushPlux Performance downpipe, and the result is absolutely stunning.

Unlike the other downpipes, RP's symbolic feature is they called 'HybridCat', it combined both their unique 50 cell catalyst and rifling technology(similar with gun barrel). This genius design allow exhaust gas spin through the pipe for maximum air velocity, it benefits not only massive performance gains, but also reduce exhaust heat(According to my data observe, I would say it drop approx 100-150 degree), and more importantly - that beautiful sound :cool:

I know lots of people think that the downpipe upgrade were just replace your stock DP with some empty metal pipe, but I'm telling you RP's has made a revolutionary downpipe will absolutely blow your mind.



Here are some pictures I took from their website for batter understanding their design, and youtube link for sound clips!


Youtube sound clips link :
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