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running power!

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hi guys,thought i'd get started on installing my audio stuff and seem to have hit a brick wall quite early!

i decided this would be a good place to run the wire (see pic) and pushed about 1.5m of calbe through...but i can't find it on the other side?

ive removed the small fabric stuff in the footwell (held in by bolts) and stuck my arm up as far as i could and cant feel where its coming through? any ideas where it leads to?
thanks in advance,

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That's the driver's side on mine, so no help I'm afraid.

However, you should move your rear
washer pipe away from those suspension bolts
as it has a tendency to get squeezed when the bonnet
is shut. Try tucking it under the window rubber. ;)
ok! cheers mate :)
ok,guess no-one knows :S i'll see what i can do tomorrow when its light again
hhhmmmmm. 0 ga. audio porn, rushes off to bathroom
UPDATE:all installed now :D

i have taken loads of pix so expect a how-to soon :)

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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