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Hi everyone from Clive, new member (and to Steve, member 134, I've finally refurbished the wheels, the rivets were a pain in the arse, but they look great!)
I've got a 155 2.0 TS 16V, 6 years old, 65K on the clock. Lately she's been sounding a little gruff/farty when accelerating hard and lacking in oomph, no pick-up in the midrange..most uncharacteristic! The exhaust is new, no blowing. I hit the sump a couple of months ago and lost all the oil in a catastrophic fashion. However I feel this is unrelated as I immediately realised, pulled over and stopped the engine (within 30 seconds). The Timing Variator has been suggested to me as a possible cause and maybe the hydraulic tappets. Nothing nasty coming out of the exhaust pipe. Any thoughts on this?

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Hi Clive
Welcome to the Forum.
It sounds like you need at tune-up; first check air filter, spark plugs and the ignition connections.
If nothing is wrong or fitting of new parts doesn’t help, have a dealer or Alfa specialist check the ECU system with a computer.
Good luck getting the oomph back.
Alfisti regards

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Hi Clive,

I agree with Erik and I think I'm right in saying it's coming up to the miles when it gets expensive Variator,belts and tensioner are due at 72,000 and I think the platinum plugs @ £13 each ouch! If you have had some of it done already apologies otherwise the plugs will be shot already no doubt about that! Most specialist I've talked to reckon if there still running well at 50k your doing well :D

Other than that if it sounds like a diesel it is probably the variator worn.

There are a lot of 155 16v for sale at around the 60-65k mark I have noticed and I think it's because most owners no what's coming up!!!!!

However if you havn't had the plugs done Ian at sells them at a discounted price I think and he will ship them no probs.

Hope some of this iron's out the probs and if I'm wrong about the service someone please correct me!

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