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Well I had decided to change the battery on the GTA. Given that when I bought the car it was 18 months old and that was 6 years ago it was the original and almost 8 years old.

I had had no problems starting, though two years ago I did see the battery light come on a couple of times when changing gear and the revs dropped when cold.

Seperately I had recently noticed that when idling it didn's seem that smooth. Well after changing the battery that has gone :)

If like me getting something like a battery delivered is a bit of a PITA then see if these guys have a shop nearby. Unlike halfords they have the right battery and are cheaper.

Car Battery | Quality Car Batteries for every type of car

They didn't have a bosch S5 in stock but did have the S4 at £89, and given that has a rating of 72A and the one that I took off was 68A I think it will be fine.
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