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Hi all, a bit of a dull question I'm afraid, but I wonder if anyone can help.

I have the official Alfa roof bars on my Mito which I use for my bike carrier, and this summer I want to put a roof box on (not at the same time as the bike). I know the weight limit is low, but it will only have pillows, sleeping bags and other lightweight but bulky items.

The problem I've found so far is finding a box that will fit the bars. Most roof boxes can use T-Tracks so that's ok, but the distance between the bars and the narrow width of the rear bar is causing quite a headache.

Does anyone have a box that they know fits on? I only want something small, but the only things I found so far have the fittings too far apart widthways to fit on the rear bar, or the fitting holes are not 70mm apart.

Only want something small and don't want to spend a fortune, but it's proving difficult!
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