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As you may have noticed, at the top of the RockAuto catalog there is now a “Show Prices In” area with a drop down box. When the drop-down box is selected you can choose to view the prices in our catalog in:

*Australian Dollar
*Brazilian Real
*British Pounds
*Canadian Dollar
*Japanese Yen
*Mexican Pesos
*Norwegian Krone
*Swiss Francs
*US Dollar

Prices are calculated based on interbank exchange rates updated each morning. Please note that, because we are a U.S. merchant, credit card companies and PayPal process all our transactions in US Dollars. The amount in local currency appearing on your bank or PayPal statement may vary if they use a different exchange rate or add fees for international transactions.

RockAuto accepts a wide variety of payments to help suit the needs of our international customers. Included below are the payment options as well as the standard processing times.

Immediately processed = American Express, Discover, MasterCard, Visa, PayPal
2 day processing time = Electronic Funds Transfer
3-5 day processing time = Wire Transfer

All payment options available for your location will be displayed on the ‘Address and Payment’ page of the shopping cart.
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