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I wondered if anyone with a RHD car could help?

I'm trying to re-fit the rigid PAS pipe that goes across the back of the engine bay below the steering rack but I can't remember how it fits. I have fitted the 2 white plastic clips in the holes just under the rack on either side of the transmission tunnel but the pipe does not line up with both of them and I wondered if either the pipe is the wrong way round or if the clips are in the wrong place. I've tried turning the pipe around, upside down etc and the way it currently sits seems to be correct but it won't line up with the clips. Any info would be much appreciated. I can't seem to move the pipe upwards any more as it fouls on the steering rack. Should the side on the right of the photo (left side of car), go behind the rack somehow? Is the pipe supposed to go in before the steering rack (from memory I removed it before removing the rack though)

This is how it currently looks:

Any help would be much appreciated, particularly a photo of how it should look.
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