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1.4 16v Veloce

Reverse Light Not working

changed bulb and fuse and still not working

Next Im going to try reverse light switch.

Anybody got a guide on how to do this or even just its location and just how hard is it to do ( for someone with absolutley no car know how!! )

many Thanks in advance

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Before you start to change the reverse light switch, you should measure if (with ignition on) 12V is present at one side of the reverse light switch. See attached wiring diagram.
Two wires go to the switch I020 (a blue/black wire and a grey/green wire).
12 V should be present at the blue/black wire (with ignition on)
If 12V isn't present you have a broken connection from the switch to the body computer (M001)
If 12V is present and you set the gearbox in reverse, 12V should also be present at the grey/green wire
If 12 V is present here and still no light, you have a broken connection from the switch to the reverse light F033.

To my knowledge the reverse light switch is located on the gearbox beneath the battery tray just beside the gear selector arm, so it is not that easily accessible.


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