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I think this bloke has the right idea - I see too many over restored cars these days and its really refreshing to see a well used and a bit battered motor - I dont mean the fake patina ones but the oily rag ones
This 23 Window VW Bus Is A Perfectly Preserved Time Capsule - Petrolicious

Well thats my excuse for having a few rust bubbles and chipped paint.......and some rust on the valance... and rips in the seat... and quarterlights without handles......and blooming paint...
I should have put a caveat in that someone who has restored a basket case with serious rust issues has my full admiration; rather I'm referring to cars that just need some TLC and mechanical work to get them back on the road but are stripped and restored until nothing is left of the original, everything is thrown away because its not perfect. I'm pleased to see that this attitude is starting to change in the classic world and I've seen some great examples
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