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Last night I reset the tension on my timing chain. Took about 10mins and was easy :D .
I have a question though, the car now seems to pull from low down much better. The acceleration from standstill to 80mph is brilliant.
Why would a slightly slack chain cause this ??? Surely the inlet cam couldn't be out of time as the chain is taut between the two cams and therefore wouldn't allow it to shift :confused: .
There wasn't much noise before retentioning, a little at idle but a lot at 6000rpm with a constant tickity rattle type sound. Now the car is much quieter. Still get a bit of thrash at the top end, but then I will have hit 100000 miles by the end of next week eek! .


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Think Daiblack is right on the hahmm vauxhall v6 engines you have to adjust the cambelt tension on each pair of cams indvidually to get the timing right as its critical or they have lots of flat spots at different rev ranges
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